Our Goal

To bring The Life Saving "Cash Bag" to You

-Cassius Booth- 
The prestigious inventor

Why Cash Bag?

Is there a cool, ultramodern Bag that ingeniously blends the powers of technology with the sleekness of fashion to guarantee your safety and property security?

The Cash Bag Technologies is an exciting startup company in the newly emerging field of Personal Tracking Devices; specializes in manufacturing top quality backpack satchels that are the single best solution for your safety and security of valuables. The Cash Bag will develop and distribute unisex backpack satchels that have a GPS device embedded within them. Our Cash Bags, which have been classified as world’s safest carrying bags, are truly innovative both in features and functions.

Incredible Features

  • Combination locking system integrated with GPS tracker
  • A remote control to lock, unlock, track with GPS
  • Made from Kevlar, the mysterious super fiber that is bulletproof
  • Inner layers have bullet proof pads which add more value to user safety
  • Durable Kevlar material is knife, water, and fire resistant
  • Portable solar battery charger integrated with USB port
  • Satchel backpack doubles as a purse and laptop bag
  • Multi-strap options for easy carriage
  • Unisex, Lightweight, and Anti-theft

All-purpose Backpack 

​​We fashioned our unisex cash bags for umpteen usages among attorneys, CEO's, medical professionals, fashion enthusiasts, campers, students, and cognitively impaired patients. The Cash Bags are also distinct in that they are large enough to fit a laptop, other electronic devices, and fully programmable.

Cash bag is inspired by the need to brilliantly harness the powers of keen, smart technologies in making our world a better, convenient place to live in. We have integrated remote control lock systems with intelligent GPS tracking technologies to help keep track of your cash bag and carrier anywhere - more reason why it is highly resourceful for tracking thieves.

What’s more? Our thick-layered cash bags are not only bulletproof; they are water and fire resistant to protect your valuables from the damage of any kind. In the age of I.D. theft and bad economic times, this is the bag of the future is like carrying a safe on your back. Whether you’re up for camping or hiking, it makes you feel more secure and confident while traveling. 

Cash bags will be available in a wide range of color choices, sizable options, economy or deluxe varieties. Cash Bag is the perfect choice for everyone!
Unique Functionalities

Throughout the industry, we are the original pioneers of this special kind of satchels; you can’t find this kind of product elsewhere. Unlike our competitors, we have military-inspired proprietary technology enabling tracking of the bag and contents anywhere in the world, including cities, deserts, oceans, lakes, mountains, or anywhere else adventurous travelers find themselves. 

We remain the rightful owners of this awesome innovation, but our cash bag is still pending patent. Cash Bag request your compassion via donations or shopping with us to support the creation its first prototype of GPS tracking, bulletproof carrying bags. One-hundred percent of your grants are channeled to helping us secure the patent and making anti-theft cash bag a reality. 

Your Purchases are Funding a Life Saving Innovation