We fashioned our unisex cash bags for umpteen usages among attorneys, CEOs, medical professionals, fashion enthusiasts, campers, students, and cognitively impaired patients. The Cash Bags are also distinct in that they are large enough to fit a laptop, and other electronic devices, and fully programmable. Cash bag is inspired by the need to brilliantly harness the powers of keen, smart technologies in making our world a better, more convenient place to live in. We have integrated remote control lock systems with intelligent GPS tracking technologies to help keep track of your cash bag and carrier anywhere - more reason why it is highly resourceful for tracking thieves. What’s more? Our thick-layered cash bags are not only bulletproof; they are water and fire-resistant to protect your valuables from damage. In the age of I.D. theft and bad economic times, this bag of the future is like carrying a safe on your back. Whether you’re up for camping or hiking, it makes you feel more secure and confident while travelling. Cash bags will be available in a wide range of color choices, sizable options, and economy or deluxe varieties. Cash Bag is the perfect choice for everyone!

The Story of Cash Vision

The Lifesaving Cash Bag

The GPS Anti-Theft Bag prototype has been completed and patented after years of research. However, the production of the Cash Bag reached a point of stagnation due to financial limitations. After 10 years of scouting investors, Cassius decided to fund the innovation himself, no matter the cost. He believed that a fresh and innovative lifestyle brand could supply enough profit to fund his project. That`s when Cash Vision Lifestyle was born. The profits from Cash Vision will fund the “Cash Bag” and build the Cash Vision Missing Kids Foundation.

The “Cash Bag” has life-saving capacity thanks to its discreetly built-in GPS that provides live location updates to connected devices. This makes the bag effective in tracking pickpockets as well as kidnappers. In support of those who would benefit from the Cash Bag the most, we have ensured the belt and bag straps are adjustable enough for children to wear. We hope this bag can facilitate the needs of all vulnerable classes of people, whether to help find a child missing in a crowd or locate a relative living with Alzheimer's.

Our Vision

The Cash Vision Ethos

Dedicated to supporting our customer base, we have and always will provide exemplar customer service. In supporting our brand, we will always provide high quality goods at an excellent value for money. Cash visions clothing is about supporting young trailblazers, professionals, entrepreneurs and other trendsetters in looking their best. By making the inner light of our customers, exude on the outside we equip our supporters with the clothes they need to conquer whatever the day may bring.

Our Mission

What We Want For Our Community

Our aims are small in number but huge in impact. 

We plan to serve you by making the Cash Bag globally available, building a foundation in support of missing children, supporting the educational development of our young people and ultimately providing assurance and hope.

Our Mission

Our Profits

A huge sum of profit will be dedicated to the establishment of the Cash Vision Missing Kids Foundation. The funding will be used to empower and equip the Global Missing Children’s Network. Prevention procedures with Cash Vision Technology that enable rapid searches after an incident are our main focus.

Let's bring them home together.



Transforming personal safety, the game-changing Cash Bag is the first of its kind. With discreet in-built GPS tracking, the bag has the capacity to alert the authorities on missing children, people with Alzheimer’s and kidnap victims who wear the bag. We know how important the safety, security and discretion of our loved ones are and offer the Cash Bag in multiple sizes and unobtrusive colour schemes.


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- Vision of Cash