About Us





Cash Vision is a revolutionary lifestyle brand based in multi-location around the globe with the dedication to blending freshest styles with the latest clothing trend.

Conceived in 2018 by inventor Cassius Booth, Cash Vision has grown from small startup to the fastest growing apparel brand. 

The story of Cash Vision

The "Cash Bag", GPS Anti-Thief Bag was completed and patent after years of research. However, the production of the Cash Bag was stagnant due to financial limitation. After 10 years of hustle to bring an investor onboard, Cassius decided to fund the innovation through a fresh and innovative Lifestyle brand. That`s when Cash Vision Lifestyle was born.

The profit from Cash Vision will fund the “Cash Bag” innovative journey and to build Cash Vision Missing Kids Foundation. 

Cash Bag” has the potential of saving lives. The GPS system is viable to give a live update. Therefore, we can track the bag if it was stolen or we miss placed it. Besides, we will be able to track if the user went missing with the bag. The bag is kids friendly too. The belt is adjustable and it will fit well on kids. This facilitates us to locate the kids if we missed them in a crowd. This bag will be a huge help for those with Alzheimer as well. It could be hard to keep an eye on someone 24/7. No matter how hard and dedicated we are, sometimes mistakes happen. "Cash Bag" will facilitate us to locate them with ease. Click Here to learn more about "Cash Bag". 

Our Vision

We will over-serve our customers and always strive to produce a better product. We will create a main line of high-end garments better than what is offered by high fashion brands for a fraction of the price. Once this is established, we will produce limited edition collections by season to provide an individual/different look for our customers. Create top of the line garments. Push our supporter’s to be the best version of themselves and to make every interaction with The Cash Vision Lifestyle brand as the best it could possibly be. 

Don’t be ordinary, Be inspired, Be Innovative & Be You

Our Mission

To bring “Cash Bag” to your hands

Build Missing Kids Foundations

To support Children education

Spread Love and Hope